Get Involved

Get involved and engage for your community schools. We have a lot of work to do and volunteers will help us get there. Whether you have previously volunteered on a local campaign or this is your first time, there is certainly a role for you to play. 

Here are some ways how you can help:

1. Walk your neighborhood, knock on some doors, and spread the word on our platform vision for our schools

2. Make some phone calls to get the message out

3. Request some fliers to hand to your family and friends

4. Request a yard sign

5. Organize a fundraiser on Facebook or in person

6. Organize an event and invite Indrit to speak about his vision of our schools

7. Donate money to help with campaign expenses

8. Create media content for this site and our Facebook page

9. Offer your expertise on current and platform issues facing our schools today

10. Be proactive, engaging, and convince family and friends to go vote.

Remember: Vote for Advocacy. Vote for Transparency. 



Thanks for your involvement!