Hey there. Nice to meet you!

I’m Indrit. Thanks for showing interest in my efforts to represent our views on the school board!  

I am married to Ana, and we have a baby boy named Aleksander. We live in the Valencia neighborhood and engage regularly in our community events. I was born in Albania and immigrated to the United States during my teenage years. I have a Bachelor’s degree from Oklahoma Baptist University and a Doctorate from Oklahoma State University. Ana is also an OSU graduate and is currently pursuing a career in healthcare. 

As for my professional formation, I am a trained educator, former classroom educator, and current school administrator. My Doctorate training is in Education, and in my early career years, I taught as a classroom teacher for Enid Public Schools. Previously, I served in the administration of Oklahoma City Public Schools, and currently, I am an administrator for Metro Technology Centers. 

My education career is resilient, humble, and educative of student challenges. As a classroom teacher, I observed the unique challenges that students experience on a day-to-day basis. Equally important, I experienced the seismic role a good administration plays in a student’s educational pursuits. I’m a true believer of mutually-beneficial solutions. I believe that when good people get together, productive conversations occur, logical and data-informed novel solutions are generated.           

While this is the first time I run to represent the views of others in my community, I do it wholeheartedly to advocate and establish resources aimed at preserving and further enhancing the quality of our schools. As a parent, I’m running to sustain efforts for better schools for our children. As a classroom teacher and school administrator, I’ve helped thousands of students succeed, and I want to bring that passion to the mission of the school board. As a community member, I’m running to make schools more responsive to community needs.   

I am asking for your vote to work collaboratively on one mission: for our schools. I am asking for your vote to believe in my abilities to bridge the gap between schools and community. Most importantly, I’m asking for your vote to earn your trust. 

Let’s get to know each other and some common issues your community is facing right now. Reach out and introduce yourself, voice your concerns, share the good news, or simply join me for a chat over coffee. Looking forward to it!    


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