Advocacy & Transparency

My platform is all about advocacy and transparency. My focus is across four pillars that my education career has taught me over and over as the key aspects of child's education path. 

                                                 EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT 

Establishing and supporting high quality early childhood education programs with well-trained educators, resources, and family support has shown to help children in early years and adulthood. Our children should have access to high quality programs that help repeat fewer grades, are less likely to identify as having special needs, and are more academically prepared for later grades. The skin color of our children or the side of town they live in should not determine their early childhood education and their chances to graduate high school. Nor should it determine the earning power of their career. 


We have a responsibility to provide our children the best available tools and the necessary resources to take advantage of educational opportunities. Our school administrators should provide the necessary pedagogical training and instructional methods to guide the practice of early childhood educators. In addition, we should provide resources to manage business operations for early childhood programs whether that is transportation, educational supplies, or individual commitment to each child’s success. We school administrators must work with local educational agencies and stakeholders to help early childhood educators obtain training and credentials consistent with professional qualifications. 

The education community for our early childhood programs must consist not only of our educators but concerned families, trained administrators, health professionals, and children advocates. 


As an advocate of our children, I intent to work closely with school administrators and our community to: 

1.  Plan and implement intentional and developmentally-appropriate learning experiences that promote social, emotional, behavior, and physical wellbeing. 

2.  Develop and maintain inclusive, healthy and caring learning environments.

3.  Teach, engage, observe, and document children’s learning in accordance with early childhood professional standards.

4.  Foster culturally responsive and customary relationships with families and special communities

5.  Advocate for children needs and resources for their families

6.  Advance compensation advocacy for early childhood education profession

7.  Engage reflexive, self-learning practices, and participate in continuous learning opportunities.  

                                                 STUDENT HEALTH AND WELLNESS

A comprehensive approach to student health and wellbeing is paramount to a student's success. Our community schools should have sufficient capacity and resources to assist students and their families. The community, parents, administrators, and other stakeholders must be positioned to support our children and student health and wellness needs.


Parents should be provided the necessary strategies to support their children’s wellbeing. Availability of health professionals in school and in the community should be a priority. As a community, we must focus on positioning our schools to support children and student education pursuits.

Students have a right to a safe learning environment free of distractions and supportive of personal wellbeing. Administrators should be provided the tools and the opportunity to expand department and classroom resources to assist teachers work with students on a personal level. 

My main focus is to emphasize student health and wellness by:

1.  Educating and equipping students to practice health lifestyle habits from early childhood to time they pursue college or a career pathway

2.  Establish and maintain emotionally and physically safe learning environments intended to enhance student learning without distractions 

3.  Develop programs to engage students in learning and connect school activities to broader community

4.  Offer each student access to personalized learning experiences supported by qualified and well-trained educators

5.  Challenge students academically and prepare them for college or career success. 

                                                           ACCESS & EQUITY 

Access and equity to resources should be hallmark points of our schools. A well-developed system that grants students access to educational resources and distributes them equitably is the basic tenet of delivering instructional excellence.

Our schools should focus on establishing inclusive relationships with the community. Our schools must employ cohesive and actionable strategies to integrate students in areas of curriculum, technology, athletics, and other schools programs. Our schools should strive to develop and continuously maintain inclusive environments supported by administrators in ways that are measurable. This means we should focus on developing schools that serve communities equitably and provide access to educational resources uniformly across the district.

We do this by:  

1.  Utilizing data- and research-driven policies to identify at-risk areas, schools that serve those communities, and develop personal relationships based on culturally- and linguistically appropriate. 

2.  Developing and enhancing socioeconomic status-based, racial, and language plans and programs to expand student representation from various backgrounds.

3.  Placing high quality teachers and delivering high quality training across all the district classrooms should become a priority 

4.  Establishing goals, objectives, strategies, and techniques to help teachers and school administrators foster a positive culture in the classroom by valuing culture, celebrating diversity, and validating student sense of identity and self-worth

5.  Offering new and additional curriculum pathways or extracurricular activities to students during summer to increase learning capacity or social engagement

6.  Improving social climate amongst students, between students and school staff, and providing resources for teachers to learn and engage with students on a personalized level.

                                                           CAREER EDUCATION 

I’ve received formal training and spent my entire professional career in transferability of skills between college and career education. Through my students, I have seen first hand the power of a good education, and its impact on one’s life.

The successful preparation for college and career should not be restricted by our students’ family economics nor constrained by circumstances at birth. Our school programs should reflect practical skills that help students pursue career pathways beyond high school. Our children must have access to career preparation programs.

Expanding partnership with Francis Tuttle Technology Centers and aligning the curriculum more closely to career programs should remain a priority to graduate employable high school graduates and instill early work preparation for our children. In essence, we should focus on fostering students with the necessary skills and education mindset for careers integrating in academic and occupational areas.

As a community, we must support administrators to expand capacity to offer viable alternatives to students to pursue career training by:

1.  Focusing on encouraging students to participate in authentic learning experience - in and out of the classroom   

2.  Expanding access to high pay and high growth career pathways

Expanding program capacity to accommodate a greater number of students to attend a career education program

3.  Increasing community involvement for hands-on learning application through internships, apprenticeship, and other career preparation models

4.  Exploring feasibility of offering basic career training programs or introductory courses to upper elementary education students.

Join me to work together to strengthen our community schools. Get involved and help us get the word out. Knock some doors, send some emails, make some phone calls, donate money, or even contribute writing on this website. We can't wait! 


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